Put the rumors to rest...

Read it and weep!

It's me... Tyler or
Tylerisbold. I am here not only to help or run this competition. However you want to put it - But I am also here to give some gossip blogs the right information for once. I am not a fake person. I will tell you what is on my mind and I will do it in a completely honest way. If you haven't already guessed, Mary or Writemarycat is gone! Everyone knows she always comes back, but will she this time? I don't know, AND even if she did. She is no longer the owner of this competition.Charlotte or N1mka4eva is... Which means. She is free to do WHATEVER she wants to do with this here competition, and complaining about what she does will get you no where!

The competition is over. Sorry. Fabuleux Icone will start OVER again - June 3rd.


  1. :O does this mean on june the third everyone can re-enter and the last comp entrys are... well irm forgotten :S ? ... :( kinda depressing news i must say x

  2. that's sad!! :/
    but great for those who want's to join the comp but sad for those who did everything and didin't got anything for it....