Just a break.

Hello everyone!
Sorry we have been slow on keeping you updated, with tasks, and revealing list's and keeping upto date with the club!

We just want to tell you that, Fabuleux Icone, is taking a break, I guess you could say.. Being paused?

Me and Mary, and all the judges, agree that it need's to be paused, just for a short while though, not long at all... Not as long as say Winter, haha! :D

We are sorry if anyone feel's this as an innapropriate move, or as one that was not needed, we just feel it's for the best!
Though, don't go and do something crazy, because we WILL be back!

Charlotte, Mary and the amazing, Fabuleux Icone team!


The list- Hot 20!

Hello everybody!

Here, we have the 20 girls who passed tour 2! We know you have been waiting in anguish to find out, and here it is-

1. hrvatica_97
2. youlovelorie
3. hilaryera
4. Guaggi
5. DIRK691
6. cool_ial
7. .yoyo.
8. fayasi
9. findurlove
10. bluegreen86
11. rute_xox
12. shanelrouge-
13. MissCunha
14. Titie_13
15. L.O.V.E123
16. starszn
17. chinisua
18. lipgloss_babe91
19. missmej
20. J*B*

Well done to everyone who got through tour 2! We will be posting the next- Tour 3 as soon as possible!

F.I team. xoxoxox