Put the rumors to rest...

Read it and weep!

It's me... Tyler or
Tylerisbold. I am here not only to help or run this competition. However you want to put it - But I am also here to give some gossip blogs the right information for once. I am not a fake person. I will tell you what is on my mind and I will do it in a completely honest way. If you haven't already guessed, Mary or Writemarycat is gone! Everyone knows she always comes back, but will she this time? I don't know, AND even if she did. She is no longer the owner of this competition.Charlotte or N1mka4eva is... Which means. She is free to do WHATEVER she wants to do with this here competition, and complaining about what she does will get you no where!

The competition is over. Sorry. Fabuleux Icone will start OVER again - June 3rd.


Changing deadline.

Hello contestants!

As I feel this task is quite challenging, and I don't really want to rush anyone, I will be adding 2 extra days to the deadline. So the new deadline is, 12th May 09. Good luck!

F.I. team. x


Back. 2nd task!

Hello all readers!

Firstly I would like to say thankyou for sticking with us through this break, we are so happy to see that everyone is excited for the return! We are officially back in business!

Secondly, I would like to say a big congratulations to all the girls that got through tour 2, you all deserve it and we know you will do splendid through the next task.

Thirdly, welcome to the second task of FabuleuxIcone Tour 3- Quote me on this! (May I remind everyone, this is just for the 20 girls that got past tour 2!)

This task is based all around one quote, by the famous Coco Chanel-
‘’Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions’’
Using this quote as your inspiration and whatever you think it means, you will have to create one super amazing outfit!
Try and look at the quote at all angles, and maybe pick out words that you can focus on more, this may make the task easier and more manageable, as this is a challenge, but we feel you shall all do extremely well.

Then, when you have completed that, print screen it and send to the email- eternitymagazine@gmail.comYou have five days to do this task (Deadline -10.05.09) , and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below, or ask on stardoll, and we will get back to you a.s.a.p!
F.I. Team, x


Coming soon....

Hey everyone!

Sorry F.I. isn't back yet! But don't worry, it shall be here soon! :)

Thankyou for waiting though.

F.I. team, x


Just a break.

Hello everyone!
Sorry we have been slow on keeping you updated, with tasks, and revealing list's and keeping upto date with the club!

We just want to tell you that, Fabuleux Icone, is taking a break, I guess you could say.. Being paused?

Me and Mary, and all the judges, agree that it need's to be paused, just for a short while though, not long at all... Not as long as say Winter, haha! :D

We are sorry if anyone feel's this as an innapropriate move, or as one that was not needed, we just feel it's for the best!
Though, don't go and do something crazy, because we WILL be back!

Charlotte, Mary and the amazing, Fabuleux Icone team!


The list- Hot 20!

Hello everybody!

Here, we have the 20 girls who passed tour 2! We know you have been waiting in anguish to find out, and here it is-

1. hrvatica_97
2. youlovelorie
3. hilaryera
4. Guaggi
5. DIRK691
6. cool_ial
7. .yoyo.
8. fayasi
9. findurlove
10. bluegreen86
11. rute_xox
12. shanelrouge-
13. MissCunha
14. Titie_13
15. L.O.V.E123
16. starszn
17. chinisua
18. lipgloss_babe91
19. missmej
20. J*B*

Well done to everyone who got through tour 2! We will be posting the next- Tour 3 as soon as possible!

F.I team. xoxoxox


First task!

Hello everyone , And welcome to the first task of FabuleuxIcone Tour Two - "Kaboom! (X-Press Yourself)"!

For those, who passed Tour One and is on the List of Top 50 girls ONLY!

For this task you will have to create three different outfits that represent your personality, and then write about each one in detail how it portrays you!
For exaple, your friends tell you, that you are kind!And you need to make an outfit, named "Kindness" and that outfit must fit perfect for that name! Then, you write a description - why you think that outfit is your kindness.
And you need to create 3 different ones.
We know, the task is hard, but - remember, you need to tell more about yourself, using fashion!
That's what "Kaboom" task is about!

Then, when you have completed that, print screen it and send to the email- eternitymagazine@gmail.com
You have five days to do this task (Deadline - 29.03.2009) , and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below, or ask on stardoll, and we will get back to you a.s.a.p!
F.I. Team, x

P.S If you do not know what ''print screen'' is, google it.

List updated!

Hello, Charli posting!
As many of you have been complaining that we only picked ''elite'' or our friends to go through, we have decided to give 20 more girls an extra chance!
The updated list is in the post below!


The List - Hot 30!

Hi everybody!

So, hereI post the list of the girls who made Tour One!
I'll be posting whole day today, cause I still don't have a full one! Yet - I have nicknames of some girls, who already passed.
So, check this post whole day today til the list will get the number "30"!

The Final list:

1. bluegreen86
2. shanelrouge-
3. findurlove
4. MissCunha
5. idilpekel585
6. we3forever
7. j*b*
8. Guaggi
9. cltreanor
10. ..Jenny....
11. starszn
12. amelia321
13. smoothieLove
14. hilaryera
15. tinkerbells95
16. carmenchu11
17. hrvatica_97
18. mimi_mami
19. fayasi
20. .chill.
21. woman-in-white
22. youlovelorie
23. topmedoll
24. chinisua
25. andrushk
26. piemonte_girl
27. MariQueen
28. filipinhamaria
29. rute_xox
30. Varenthika
31. candyfloss188
32. missmej
33. L.O.V.E123
34. gwennabe_me
35. lipgloss_babe91
36. tarable3
37. cool_ial
38. donald_lucky
39. kara03
40. appleblossom00
41. .yoyo.
42. RihannyX
43. ShineSun.
44. marliw
45. Reese2222
46. dirk691
47. dloo3t_almama
48. Titie_13
49. Kinky3.p
50. angelz43

Here they are!!!

The next - Tour Two - will be posted as soon as possible. Stay tuned!!!

xoxo, F.I. Team


No more entries.

Hey Everyone!
Charli here, and i just need to say-
We are very, very thankful for how many people have entered FabuleuxIcone and how popular it has got over the last couple of days, But we must say, The entries are over, as we are starting to select which medoll's are going through to tour 2!
Were sorry if anyone has not been able to enter, And Good luck to everyone else!
The F.I team!


The List!

Mary posting!

So, I promiced to get the judges and all the staff, sponsorts, etc list - here it is!

Owners and Judges:
- writemarycat
- N1mka4eva

- Undamyumbrella
- TheAList
- Angeliiicaaa__
- Babii-Mariex

Sponsor blogs:
- sd-trendsetters.blogspot.com
- thestardollalist.blogspot.com
- thebigbookoffashion.wordpress.com


Welcome, Future Fabuleux Icones!

Hello all!
I'm simply writing this post to say how excited me and Mary are to be creating Fabuleux Icone!We feel it will be a strong impact on stardoll, And bring out the Fabuleux Icone in you!
We hope you enjoy this competition, as much as we have enjoyed creating it.
The Tour Two starts when there will be enough entries to the Tour One - Selection- 100.
Your Fabuleux Icone team!

Club Opened!

So, here it is - the Official Club (click) is opened! Sure thing, you need to join it to enter and follow the competition! On the main page of the club I have posted more information, also you need to view a topic "Rules" before entering.

Topic "Entries" is up - if you want to participate you need to go there and follow the instructions. So, the Selection Tour is up - and that is Tour One in the competition. (That's the same entries topic!!!)

Today I'll post the list of all the judges and sponsor blogs.

Ready to shine? Let's go!