First task!

Hello everyone , And welcome to the first task of FabuleuxIcone Tour Two - "Kaboom! (X-Press Yourself)"!

For those, who passed Tour One and is on the List of Top 50 girls ONLY!

For this task you will have to create three different outfits that represent your personality, and then write about each one in detail how it portrays you!
For exaple, your friends tell you, that you are kind!And you need to make an outfit, named "Kindness" and that outfit must fit perfect for that name! Then, you write a description - why you think that outfit is your kindness.
And you need to create 3 different ones.
We know, the task is hard, but - remember, you need to tell more about yourself, using fashion!
That's what "Kaboom" task is about!

Then, when you have completed that, print screen it and send to the email- eternitymagazine@gmail.com
You have five days to do this task (Deadline - 29.03.2009) , and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below, or ask on stardoll, and we will get back to you a.s.a.p!
F.I. Team, x

P.S If you do not know what ''print screen'' is, google it.


  1. What format have the outfits have to be? PNG..JPG..?

  2. Mary can i send it to you in vkontakte?=P

  3. Smoothie love, you have five days to complete it.

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  5. Oh, Thanks I saw that now xD Sorry..

  6. Does it matter if my outfits are made in photoshop?I'll use stardoll clothes.

  7. Yowch! I'll get to work right now.

  8. will u show the results to everyone ? thanx

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  10. Hi omg im so sorry iv just sent you like 6 emails im so bad at email :S anyway the last one is the right one :D tho i dont even know if im on time :S